Active School Flag Project - P.E.  
  Our PE curriculum:
We are currently looking for ways to improve our teaching of PE through our own teaching and through specialist teachers.

  • Duathlon Programme
    We will have Gary Crosson from Tri heroes running a Duathlon programme every Wednesday for 5 weeks from 26th of September to 24th of October. Tri Heroes brings together the lifelong activities of swimming, cycling and running to inspire, motivate and challenge children. The programme is delivered by an experienced Tri Heroes coach in a fun and varied manner whilst the programme is also challenging and suitable for all pupils whether as part of the curriculum or after school activity. Tri Heroes sessions are delivered on the schools grounds with basic sports equipment (Cones, Flags, Bibs), and in conjunction with the aquatics programme that is in place if applicable. If no pool is available we are adapt the programme to a Duathlon series which involves cycling and running.

  • Dance with Stephen
    Dance with Stephen runs for 8 weeks resulting in a Christmas show. (More info to follow).

  • Gymnastics
    We will be liaising with Gymnastics Ireland for expert training in teaching gymnastics.

  • We have received a kind donation of 30 footballs to help our teaching of GAA and other parts of the PE curriculum.

  • We have ordered Ultimate Ireland Frisbees to introduce Ultimate Frisbee as part of our PE teaching which the children took part in last year during Active Schools week and really enjoyed.

  • We are currently in the process of applying for a grant to help us with more PE equipment and to obtain a bike rack for school cyclists

The PE programme in Rathregan N.S incorporates six strands – Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Aquatics and Outdoor and Adventure activities. Our targeting of the Active School Flag has required an audit of our PE programme. This examination will help us improve our provision of Physical Education in the school.

A detailed breakdown of what is covered can be seen in the table below:

Strands Strand Units
Athtletics Running
Understanding and appreciation of athletics
Dance Exploration, creation and performance of dance
Understanding and appreciation of dance
Gymnastics Movement
Understanding and appreciation of gymnastics
Games Sending, receiving and travelling
Creating and playing games
Understanding and appreciation of games
Outdoor and Adventure Activities Walking, cycling and camping activities
Outdoor challenges
Water-based activities
Understanding and appreciation of outdoor and adventure activities
Aquatics Hygiene
Water safety
Entry to and exit from the water
Buoyancy and propulsion
Stroke development
Water-based ball games
Understanding and appreciation of aquatics