Active School Flag Project - Physical Activity  

School Year 2018/2019


We took part in European week of sport from 24th-28th of September. We used this week to launch our active schools initiatives for the year. Each class began their Duathlon, Daily Mile, Body coach and 10@10 workouts. Friday was Teachers-V-Students day. The whole school came out and ran the Daily Mile together. We then had a competition between each of the classes and the class teachers. Ms. Kelly and her fellow teachers took on Junior and Seniors in the bean-bag throw and won! Ms. Mc Ardle's class were too strong for the teachers beating them in Tug-o-war!! The teachers were no match to Ms. Kavanagh's 3rd and 4th class as the children doubled the score of the teachers in basketball hoops and finally Ms. Ward's 5th and 6th lost out narrowly to the teachers in a penalty shoot-out. Great fun was had by all.

Our new ASF initiatives: Initiatives for this year:

The Daily Mile

Simply put, The Daily Mile is 15 minutes wherein children jog or run, at their own pace, during the school day at a time of the teacherís choosing. More info here. Run to European Landmarks coinciding with The Daily Mile.

Initiatives we are continuing:

  • Active play-time Active playtime is for every class 1 day per week - Children rotate equipment each day.
  • Whole school 10@10 The whole school participates on Fridays.
  • The Body Coach Daily Workout Happens in the hall with new IWB.

School Year 2017/2018

One of the main aims of this journey is to become a more active school on a daily basis. ''More Active, More Often''. Did you know that Children need at least 60 minutes of moderate intense physical activity every day?

In addition to the existing initiatives that are up and running in RNS, we will be introducing some new whole school initiatives in the summer term to help us become more active on a daily basis.

1. We will be continuing on our much loved Operation Transformation 10 @ 10 which takes place every Friday in the school yard.

2. All classes will now follow 3rd and 4th Class' lead and join in on our Run around Europe Challenge which involves each class working as a team to run the distance to different European cities. Itís a great way to RUN, have FUN and LEARN along the way. 3rd and 4th class have recently completed their run to London in which they ran 597km as a class.

3. Senior Classes will also participate in the 'Climb the Heights' Skipping Challenge which encourages classes and schools to #BeActive and to work together to climb the highest peaks in Europe! Children can also complete these challenges in their own time - click here to read about more resources.

4. Athletics equipment will be introduced at yard time and will rotate around each day for each class. This will be run by the ASF Committee.

5. All classes will replace written homework with Active homework only on a Thursday. In order for this to be successful, Children will be given a record sheet with ideas to help them and a space to record what exercise they have done. Parents are asked to encourage children to complete this active homework to the best of their ability.

6. Summer Mini-leagues will begin in April and will take place during class time in addition to P.E.