Green Flag Initiative  

Green School Newsletter December 2019

We are well into the second year of our Green School Flag Campaign and we have now applied for our Green School Flag. We will have a Green School inspection next week where an assessor will visit the school. The visit will last about an hour and it will involve showing the assessor our Green-Schools programme firsthand. The assessor will also want to talk to the Green-Schools Committee, other teachers and pupils, so we need to display and show off our hard work and great efforts. We have our fingers crossed that all of our hard work will be acknowledged and we will be awarded our first Green Flag!

We are into our second ‘Litter-less Campaign’. This year we are concentrating on reducing our recycling waste. As a school, we will aim to eliminate single use plastics into the new year (where possible J).  Becoming more aware of the amount of single use plastics that we use, for example, single use bottles, is a reminder of just one way that we can do this.

Last year we focused on reducing our general waste and we need to continue to do so as a school. We began composting in the classrooms this year and this has contributed o the reduction in general waste.  

Finally, thank you to everyone for making such an effort to ‘Keep it Green’ with their Halloween costumes in October. A great effort was made to use recycled materials from home. We were so impressed by the level of thought and creativity!

As always, thank you to everyone for your continued hard work and cooperation,
Ms Dunne and the Green School Committee.


Green School Newsletter March 2019

Hi Everyone, Just a little update to let everyone know how we are getting on in our campaign for our Green School Flag!

Firstly, we have completed and continue to implement 5 out of the 7 steps towards our Green school campaign:

1. Established a committee
2. Completed an environmental review, to identify our initial situation with regard to litter and waste in our school
3. Put together an action plan, which we have been adding to as we go along
4. We are continuously monitoring and evaluating our progress to ensure that we are on the right track

We are integrating the Green Schools programme with the curriculum work of the school when and where possible.

Thank you 3rd and 4th for doing an art activity using recycled materials, and 1st and 2nd class for making the posters for the corridor.

We have now to complete steps 6 and 7:

6. Inform and involve the community by organising a ‘Day of Action’
7. Come up with a Green Code for the school The Green School committee have suggested the Day of Action for Tuesday the 9th of April (weather permitting) where we will organise a whole school clean up and plant a tree.

We are also asking each class to come up with a Green School slogan by the 20th of March and they will be displayed around the school. The Green School Committee will choose the best one as our school slogan.

Secondly, we have completed 6 months of our Litter Less Campaign litter measurements. We had to weigh our school’s general waste at a particular time and day once a month for 6 months and the results are below:

We reduced our general waste, on an average school day, from 6.5kg to 0.5 kg over 6 months!


Thirdly, to be aware, the #nomoreplasticpaddy campaign is on the 15th of March, and it is to raise awareness about single use plastics (video link below)

Single Use Plastics YouTube Video

And finally, a reminder to all children to put the correct rubbish into the correct bin. We need to continue to reduce the amount of waste we create! And don’t forget to bring in your hand towel!

Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work and cooperation, Ms Dunne and the Green School Committee.